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Ohhh, lovely, thank you <3

Sure, you can draw jaakko. I appreciate it <3

oh, sorry, didn't get that. But yeah, I think it's a special marking that the mouth is having a zig-zag so it's fine! I love it, thank you! <3

Thank you so much for the drawing!! She's so soft aaaa <33

You're welcome! Would you mind to give me a honest feedback? you can also dm me, if you want. It would totally help me!

I also found some things I could change, if you like!

Alright, I'll fix it asap!

First of all thank you, I appreciate it!

And what exactly do you mean with "i would have the lines from the eyes switched to the other side"? Could you show me or sth what you mean?

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Thank you for the sub, kind stranger! :)

(I still don't know where to answer on comments)
You're welcome! I just saw your commission thread and like your art style :D

Oh thank you!! That means a lot to me ;u;