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custom Chanda OTA [OPEN]

Posted 2 months, 4 hours ago by missdisaster00

Hello! jkgljd

If anyone here interested in custom chanda. please feel free to check it out on my DA <3


Osenyan or Areques art trades?

Posted 2 months, 24 days ago by missdisaster00

Hello guy! kfdjhg
I had been thinking about this since March until now(...) (too busy to make a trade)
If i wait for more free time. I will never get any trading for sure(...)

so.. I'd love to get arts/draw these two cs so much..
I can offer half body/full body.

more sample

and you can choose one of my children:
- https://toyhou.se/3579713.edeltrix
- https://toyhou.se/1020069.glanduril
- https://toyhou.se/2144580.shafrey
- https://toyhou.se/2895362.aranir

draw my. and i will draw yours return///
only for osenyan and areques

pm or comment please. what my oc you would like to draw, what you want from me, what your offering etc
and please note that i may not choose everyone. maybe 2-3?

(may take time bc school things, priority works. )
thank you for looking!

update myo trades

Posted 5 months, 18 days ago by missdisaster00

from https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/81443.myo-slot-trade-

I'd love to let you know I will close that bulletin tmr!
thank you so much for all of amazing offeringTT i really appreciate it

then I will pm who i want to trade in the next few day!!

MYO slot trade..?

Posted 5 months, 30 days ago by missdisaster00


i was inspired by many people lately /even they didn't know me ha 

so i wonder if anyone are interest to do trade with me..? i can offer myo slot of my cs.. either Chanda or Alfloma. i can do a custom too only for mutuals this time;//; /but please keep in mind i have some of commission and a custom as priority. but i will try not to keep you waiting too long. 

Please feel free to comment or pm me with your cs info

I will open this bulletin for a while lol Thank you for looking!

commission open!

Posted 6 months, 6 days ago by missdisaster00

Please feel free to see the info