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Popun raffle ^O^!!!! Also hi im back

Posted 1 month, 24 days ago by miukiu27


Ryu your designs are so pretty cryong

Also I'm back hi guys sorry for my long break!!! I had to celebrate my bday :3c 


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Making this again to bump my AF !!! :DD here are some attacks I've made so far, feel free to drop your usernames and teams in the comments too!!



Thank you for following me ??!

Posted 4 months, 30 days ago by miukiu27

Very shocked to see many people subcribing last night O_O

I hope you all enjoy me messing around with my toyhouse ;U; !!! I never thought people will enjoy my stuff huhu


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Lend me your username if you're joining art fight too :DD ✨✨

* i will add characters soon, mostly will be characters from here

Blacklist FEB 20 2022

Posted 9 months, 6 days ago by miukiu27

Do not harass or witch-hunt these people, people makes mistakes but there are always conquences!

Read my tos here - it can also be found in my designs settings. MM/DD/YY btw!!



3/10/22 STRIKED KrispyKreme | th • sold a custom for $ without permission!



- n/a • let's keep it that way! ;u;

tos (finally making one lol)

Posted 9 months, 16 days ago by miukiu27

My tos can also be find in the ownership place  in every design I make, if you see anyone breaking rules please report to me asap! ;u;



terms of services | miukiu27


ㅅ you do not need my permission to re-trade/re-sell/gift/redesign! Just follow the other rules >.<

ㅅ custom-made designs has no worth and cannot be re-sold without extra art.

ㅅ DO NOT CONVERT AC TO $ TO THEIR WORTH WHEN YOU BOUGHT THEM WITH AC (I don't really sell for ac anymore so this will only apply to my old adopts)

ㅅ my 2021-now designs are for toyhouse users only, do not transfer them to any offsite members ;u;

ㅅ all adopts are personal use only, unless discussed otherwise. commercial use requires my written approval (attach proof)

ㅅ resell only for the same price or less (if you commissioned art of them, then you could add the price to the design's worth)

ㅅ cooldown: 1 week (gifting expectional!!)

ㅅ editing/changing aspects of the design is allowed, but please keep the original design/file available !! ;u;

please do not delete the character from TH ;o;

ㅅ do NOT use my art and designs for NFTs. i very much don't want/need my work to be associated or connected to any form of cryptocurrencies...! if you have an issue with this or so, please just do not buy from me


Terms may change from time to time!