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My characters will have their appropriate warnings in place, if any. If you're triggered for anything in their page warnings, please do not force yourself to read about my characters! Take care of yourself first.

My non-story characters are much (much) more family friendly, with some exceptions which will, as always, all be warned for.

Most of the darker stuff is in a subfolder in my story folder called New Babylon. Please bear in mind that I don't support the problematic stuff that my characters do!


TWs with a LARGER PRESCENCE in my content; they are a major theme / extremely prominient:

> Swearing. I curse sometimes in my bulletins or general conversation with ppl I know, not very often but may be jarring sometimes + I don't actually keep track of how often I swear, so best to err on the side of caution.

> Themes of physical, emotional and implied sexual abuse, manipulation, exploitation, codependency, depersonalization and violence. (in unfinished main story folder - New Babylon)

TWs with a SMALLER PRESENCE in my content; they happen once or twice:

Warning-worthy themes that occur only once or twice throughout this account will not be listed for the sake of brevity but will be warned for individually on character profiles.


> Most of my story characters are a WIP. There isn't a lot of information in their bios, please be patient.

> I do not condone the actions, motivations or ideals of my characters.

> Please tell me if I have made any mistakes, but please don't speak to me in a harsh manner about them. I get very anxious very easily over confrontations of any sort.

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