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  • Homophobes/Transphobes/Aphobes/TERFs/Super Straights
  • MAPs/NoMAPS (Or people supporting them)

  • A lot of my character's backstories contain Death, Murder and generally Questionable Morals, which are not always tagged
  • Images containing Gore, Body Horror and similar Disturbing Content are marked however.
  • Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you need me to add a warning to any characters or images!
  • Swearing! It's not usually on pages, but I do swear quite a bit and my characters do too. You can ask me to stop when we're talking in private chats though, that's fine. ^^
Please Do Not
  • Ask if any of my characters outside of the Trades Folder are for sale
  • Ship any of my characters if they're not in a canon relationship (Either with yours or one of my own characters)
  • Draw NSFW/Ship art of my characters without my permission
  • Claim any of my characters/designs as your own! This includes reselling any of my art, like on a shirt, or making a NFT of it. Even if the character is not mine, you are not allowed to use my art to make money unless we've discussed it before.
  • Heavily reference any of my characters or lore. Taking inspiration is fine, but do not directly copy any¬†part.

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