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Code editor: major bug fix

Posted 8 months, 28 days ago by orchestrator

Hi all! Thanks for all the bug reports about the code editor breaking, I would not have realised if not for them--I haven't made any changes to the code editor in a month, so this comes entirely as a surprise to me. However, recently I have also noticed problems logging into my webhost, so I suspect that my webhosting provider has made some internal updates to the server on which the site runs, which made my old backend code stop working (specifically my rewrite rules that I use to redirect certain URLs).

I have made an update that seems to have resolved the problem on my end, but if you should have any trouble, don't hesitate to let me know! In the future, I may add a "bug report" URL to the load screen so that even if the code crashes like it has done recently, you'd be able to find the link to my page easily. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

[Code editor poll] Do you use manual update?

Posted 10 months, 21 days ago by orchestrator

Do you use manual update in the code editor?

4 Votes Yes
12 Votes No

I've been testing a new code editor feature that lets you directly edit the preview window (I know, I'm very excited about it--you can test it and send me bug reports at https://th.circlejourney.net/unstable/ !)

I've been considering removing the manual edit option to free up space in the settings bar, but first I want to find out if anyone actually uses it. Manual update = click "Update preview" to load an updated preview of the code. Let me know through the poll!

So, today I sat down and updated the code editor with most of the changes that have been requested, and some others that I have been meaning to. It now has buttons to download and upload code as files, a scratchpad, better resizing, and also some changes that'll hopefully improve performance and reduce the number of bugs!

Check it out here (bugs have been fixed since 5:43 pm PST!)


I'm always learning and updating this (even if it takes months!) and this was a really involved update, so do let me know if you run into any major problems and I'll roll back changes as I see fit. Thanks!