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aaaaa ; 0; thank you so much!!!

Hi, I found your art like 2 days ago and...its so g o o d, 10/10 and I needed to say it

oh what?? ; 0; aaa thank you so much, Boss!! You put a big dumb smile on my face <3!!!

Okay I have to ask... You've been posting some seriously delicious stuff with Happy Swindle and I thought maybe you might know... is there an art site where you can post nsfw art aside from furaffinity? Because Tumblr is dead, DA doesn't allow mature content, and furaffinity is great but only if you're looking for fur. >< Where does the rest of the nsfw go besides here?

I must

(p.s. I love all your art. the recent nsfw was just a pleasant and unexpected surprise :D )

Oh, hi!! LOL I didnt actually expect anyone to even notice my recent uploads, I am delighted that you like them haha! I actually post my nsfw stuff to twitter!! There is a pretty robust community of nsfw artist over there... I can be found there @ smuttybees hehe

Ah okay! I don't really get twitter... is there a way to browse art on there or do you have to be following specific people to see their posts? 

like... does twitter have tags? x.x 

Ah, unfortunately, twitter is kind of a disorganized mess as far as posts are concernd. There is no real tagging system nor way to organize tweets so that they are easy to find later on. But, you don't have to be following them to see their posts :>

most confusing site ever lol. I just made one and followed you! My birthday is hidden but I'm 26. My name on there is leftygabriel 

I loved your stuff on Charahub, particularily your designs for ABRAXAS. I was looking through my faves like "Oh no, Charahub is closing down. I wonder if that person whose stuff I have on my faves list knows and maybe I should look them up and tell them because it's a shame for all these character sheets to go to waste- oh maybe they have a toyhouse account already."  And guess what, they did. :D And I'm glad to have found your designs and see that ABRAXAS has a demo out.

aw this is so sweet ; A; I am so happy you found me here!! Thank you so much, Boss!!




Gonna watch in case any of your cuties ever come up for grabs ; ;. amazing work and skill

Gonna watch in case any of your cuties ever come up for grabs ; ;. amazing work and skill


so many pretty birbs!!! i love the way you draw feathers and feet.

aaa thank you so much, Boss!!

AAH I FOUND YOU <33 I'm happy to see you here ; U ;

Thank you for the sub, I really love your art and you have lots of awesome characters too~

Aaah thank you very kindly!! <3

Bees! :D

Love your characters! Glad to follow you from Tumblr and on here as well!

Wooot! Welcome! :D

Hi. Saw your journal on FA. Hope you'll enjoy this site, I know I do. c:

pssst pssst :3c