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Hi! I sent the image on ur alt! (yabai)

tysm for letting me know!!!


love that dude hes funky

and thank you!!!


ah thank you so much!!!!

Hello!! I have a Question! Do you accept points of DA for a commision? ^^

not right now sadly :[ tho i may consider this again in the near future!

Okay thank you <3

Do you remember what species this is?

oh! theyre not any species tbh youre free to make up your own :'D

Thanks for letting me know 


damn gurl ur wings be like sexcy


May i ask if you have any designs on OTA or trade 

I really love your art style and designs owo

I'd love to own at least one of your designs 

I usually put my ota designs in here , unfortunately I only have one up atm since I rarely put up my ocs for trades ;u;

Thats alright thank you^^

May i offer 1-5 art piece on him?

You will see my examples here sorry if its confusing

your art is cute but it's not exactly what i'm looking for sorry ;v;

Well thank you very much for your time ^^

I hope your slime boi get a good home^^

do you do art trades? ;;

Not right now I'm afraid ;v;


its a wonderful bee

the bee blushes

much love pan <333 love your art and characters sm!!

much love to you too, Snowy!!! And tysm <333

this is property of Bee Inc. any violation of bee law against this being is penalized by death.

what did i do to deserve you in my life smh

you lived uwu


I like your style!!!! <3

Thank you, i'm glad you do!

i love u i have no phone but i love u plz 

I lov u 2 Menji

wut up

i'm pan

i'm 19

and i never hecking learned how 2 read

i dont like being called out like this


Ahhh thank you so much for your support!!


AaAAA tysm!!! Yours are lovely as well!!!