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General Warnings

  • Slight gore and violence in bios/art.. maybe??
  • Possibly eyestraining art on a couple characters (not likely but yknow)

  • Please do not steal, copy, or trace any of my characters or art. This applies to art or images not made by me.
  • You may not heavily inspire your characters off any of mine.
  • Do not give me any nsfw or fetish art of my characters, I'm a minor.
  • You are free to draw any of my characters (preferably nobody in the trade folders or tagged redesign) but please don't claim them as yours! I would love to see the finished piece and upload them to their gallery if you're comfortable.
Other Info

  • PM me addressing any concerns or questions (If you just want to talk that's alright too)
  • Please be patient with me, I don't have all the time in my life but I do draw and develop my characters. Ideas are not something that come up immediately for me so writing bios and stuff is a really slow process. Everything is a WIP in my TH and that's okay!
  • Please get out of here if you hate furries or have nothing nice to say.

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