Existential/cosmic horror, Surreal fantasy | Worlds is a story about dropping out of school and going on roadtrips with your brother in order to investigate the recently discovered fishy disappearance of your physicist dads, and the relationships you form with the lost supradimensional alien concept you meet along the way. it's also about meeting said parents' colleagues who it turns out study 'magic' - cryptophysics - out of an alien eggshell in the sky that human thought isn't quite able to process.

There's some ambiguity as to whether everything is about to End or if it's just Beginning. What were the events of 20 years ago? And what do they mean for tomorrow?

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tags of interest:

  • ARC - members of the ARC, the Association for Cryptophysical Research.
  • (extag) needs profile revamp - characters missing this tag have an updated profile (working through everyone!)