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I work incredibly hard on creating characters I'm happy with! Taking inspiration from characters is one thing but please do not copy their designs, written information or my worldbuilding information. I do not mind color picking but please use colors in a design totally different to mine. None of the characters on this page are up for sale, trade, nor am I taking offers on any of them. I do not generally roleplay but there are always exceptions to everything and it doesn't hurt to ask.

Please Do Not

  • Roleplay as my characters
  • Copy or steal my characters
  • Heavily reference their designs
  • Trace any art on my profile

Content Warnings

  • NSFW (do not interact with me or my characters if you are under 18)
  • Trauma related to but limited to: sexual violence, abuse, religious upbringing (I use my characters to cope with my own trauma and recover)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sex Work
  • All of my character's have a link to a NSFW gallery where I upload any images that are 18+. All characters have a link, not all have artwork, it's just there just in case.

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