Astro City Residents

Characters from my "Astro City" setting.

Astro City is a "20 minutes into the future" solarpunk setting, 2050 in an alternate universe where the world didn't have so tenacious a conservatism problem through the 20th century.
Instead of all progress being based on hatred and warmaking, science was used to benefit people of all types.
By the 70s, nanotechnologic healthcare had been perfected, to the point that body swaps to fully functional robotic forms or full body modification were possible in some parts of the world.
One such sci-health hub was a smallish city that had sprung up around a space launch facility on the coast.
Before long, otherkin, furries, and queer and trans people flocked to this place, building up a dense, highly urban community, with abundant public goods.

In the late 90s/early 2000s, upgraded robotics technology became widely available, and some of the earlier body-transfer recipients opted to upgrade.
This was when it was discovered that an "empty" robotic body with a "blank" but still intact mental/mnemonic framework was likely to experience "spontaneous sapience", forming a new identity independent of the original occupant.
These new beings were welcomed with open arms, kicking off a second wave of urban expansion in the city.

The core tenet of Astro City is that all people should be cared for, regardless of form or ability. Disabled people, both human and formerly-so, in the city are well-accommodated and treated with dignity.

Despite the "good future" nature of Astro City, there are still shitty people out there; those who would prefer to go back to profit making and warmongering, those deceivers who would prey on the souls of the naive and desperate.
The city and its communities attempt to provide for all, but nothing is perfect.
And within it all, there remains the occasional unexplained, supernatural and spatial-temporal phenomena...

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