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General warning for blood, injury, self-harm, self-hate, gore and horror. You enter and perceive my art on your own risk, I am not responsible for keeping you safe - you should make that call. If you can't, you probably shouldn't be on the internet because no stranger will really care about your safety.

Perseus is literally a blood magician (he inflicts self injuries in order to draw blood), Liam is a cannibal; so there's going to be mentions of a lot of stuff/lot of things MAY be depicted through my art), as well as people having mental issues in general. I'll update this depending on how much information I will decide to share. Additionally, Liam smokes, he and Ignis drink occasionally. (Ignis generally drinks for 'taste' in a social setting now, though he used to do it to deal with grief, Liam seeks certain effects of alcohol.) Lot of tragic pasts, abuse, torture, character death, yes, yes, I'm edgy. Also non-sexual nudity (there's just one pic that's tagged because fem-presenting boobs, because it... has to be tagged idk). Nathaniel used to drink heavily and abused various medication. Terra has a history of alcohol abuse.

DNI: pedo/zoos/all that, people who glorify mental illness or self-harm (having characters going though that is not glorification and I am fucking tired of people who think it is - it's a relatively easy distinction to make. "Vent art" is not a glorification, so if you do that, you're fine. Hey, I have art like this.), or if you think trans people are interesting or a novelty because of their "mismatched" genitals or whatever. Things such as "dickgirl" and "cuntboy" stuff - if you are a trans person using these terms it's okay, but I don't like when this is out of the hands of people who whom these terms are used. I'm all for trans characters in nsfw media but stuff like that is usually easy to catch. Also leave now if you think eating disorders & addictions are desirable, easy to get out of or "just a trend". These things are awful and kill people.

Regarding kinks & fetishes I am not comfortable with... If you are interested in the following or have this on your profile, I do not want to interact with you:

  • age play (specifically if one or more participating individuals are playing a minor/infant)
  • roleplay centered around mental illness
  • foot fetish (not really a "hard" DNI? But imagery tends to make me uncomfortable)
  • kinks around urine, vomit or fecal matter.
  • pregnancy kink, especially if it's a male pregnancy (cis or trans man, if a current pregnancy is a part of sexual activities I just feel uncomfortable with it, as a trans man myself.) (this is also a softer DNI? I don't mind when a trans man/masc is pregnant but it rubs me the wrong way when it's a part of sexual interest. Am I making sense?) - included in this is omegaverse
  • anything to do with crushing small animals
  • ANYTHING where the isn't consent. The "consensual non-consent" as a part of roleplay is fine. I am wary around "consensual rape",  generally due to the oxymoronic nature of this.

I apologize to saying "weird & gross" before. They're just that to me, whether due to something personal or because of some obsessions. I suppose that's on me to fix, but if you are someone interested in this and bring it up in conversation, I am not really interested in interacting. I hope nothing comes off as ignorant, these are just things I am not uncomfortable with. I don't really care what you do, as long as everything is consensual (minors and animals can not consent). If you are unsure about something falling in my DNI, feel free to ask but don't be graphic if you don't need to be.


  2. Do not use my characters for roleplay. EVER. Most of them are pieces of me and that makes me extremely uncomfortable. (Obviously adopts and custom designs are exempt from this; whoever owns them can use them however they see fit.)
  3. Do not ship my characters with yours without permission. 
  4. Do not use my designs unless you bought them or I made them for you or gave them to you.
  5. Do not draw inspiration from my characters. Most of them are, again, deeply personal to me, having my own experiences, only slightly adjusted to fit their world. Design coincidences can happen and that's fine.
  6. Do not tell me that my characters look like someone else's. Seriously. That's not a good thing to do. It's not flattering.
  7. Do not draw nsfw fanart of my characters. Just. No. Unless we have characters together who have a relationship of / with such nature and we have agreed upon it, just don't.
  8. Do not trace, copy, repost or claim my art. Obviously.
  9. Do not kin or make headcanons about my ocs. Just like using my characters to roleplay, I consider this very rude. Brainstorming sessions and ideas between me and my friends of our ocs that are in some way related is 100% okay.
  10. DO NOT ADD MY OCS INTO DREAMIE / WANT FOLDERS, it makes me really uncomfortable. Feel free to do that with designs which are for sale.

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