producer's Bulletins


Posted 5 months, 16 days ago by producer

sorry about the unannounced break i took for a while !!! was going thru my exams (finished them a few days ago, basically flunked all of them)
ive also just been spending a lot of my time w friends and trying to be more social and whatnot so ive just been generally happier recently
sooo yeahh ill try 2 get adopts going back as normal :) hello again everybody ++ the weird amt of new subs i got while kinda inactive?!?! hello

scribble requests

Posted 6 months, 20 days ago by producer

ya okay im just bored and want 2 draw for a bit b4 i go 2 bed

just comment a character or two..! and i might mash their adorable little face on my canvas and it wont look good (i promise)
feel free 2 comment even if youve already commented on one of my prev rq bulletins

what direction should i take for my adopts

Posted 6 months, 23 days ago by producer

plz help thankyou

14 Votes simple
2 Votes detailed
32 Votes mix

okaayy so i think its kinda evident but ive have a hard time sticking with one artstyle since like foreveerrr and if youve been following me for a long time im sure ur sick of me complaining and asking abt it buttttt
which artstyle/s would you like most for adoptables? ive tried using all of them but i still cant really grasp what the general favourite is

!!! also keep in mind the question is which one youd be most interested in buying (even if you dont intend on ever purchasing my adopts) not which art you like the most !!!

ALSO poll is anonymous although i dont really think it matters that much

simple (mostly flat faced anthros)              detailed (mostly humanoid designs)  (also like a bit more expensive)             some kinda mix of the two (humanoid or furry basically whatever i feel like)

43512991_WqMhEvZ3tyiuJTE.png                  44759957_F1I01xKyLDsiZHJ.png                                                  43223224_u0UJFLt5acl1t02.png44422295_XWWRc12Yx3V3daD.png

7$ adopts

Posted 7 months, 25 days ago by producer

hi okay sorry for doing  a bulletin for them i just dont want to upload another character </3

7$ each !! plz comment or dm if ud be interested in any of them and ill dm you the separate once bought :3
thank you