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Cyber Pixies MYO event!

Posted 5 months, 14 days ago by provie

My friend's new species has MYO event going on right now!

The species is really cool, and the technology theming is really cute!

You have until May 25th to claim a MYO and until July 1st to submit the design!

New Puppillars event!

Posted 5 months, 24 days ago by provie

The Hunt is on over at Puppillars!!
Our next event is live, and its a scavenger hunt for some mysterious orbs! Members can earn tickets for a very special mysterious adopt raffle. The hunt will end and the mystery will be revealed on May 20th!!

Fanteles Event (and MYO Event!)

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago by provie

Fanteles is having an event! This species is super cute and fun, and this event also includes a MYO event, so its a great time to join!

I highly recommend it! The community is really cozy and I love it!!

New Puppillars Event!

Posted 6 months, 23 days ago by provie

Our Newest mini event is here! A companion coloring contest! Color our provided lineart for a chance to have it used on site and some great prizes!

Paralogos 6th Anniversary!

Posted 6 months, 29 days ago by provie

The amazing World of Lingua ARPG group is having its 6th Anniversary, and there's still time to enter for the amazing prizes of customs and art!

Hi all!!!

Puppillars just launched our next big event, Advanced Dungeon Doggos! Come join us for some Tabletop RPG fun, and earn group currency, and raffle tickets for the adopt raffle! It's gonna be really fun I promise

its also our  2nd Anniversary!!  Since we have such a big event going on, we're just doing a small Anniversary celebration, but we're raffling off a Super Rare custom!

Hey all, I never really use bulletins, but TH is somewhere where I have people I don't really have on other "social media" so I figured I would say Hi and like talk about some of the stuff I got going on!

2020 has been crazy for everyone, also been crazy here. In January I got engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years! Since 2020 is 2020 we haven't done any planning or anything yet, we probably won't have an actual wedding until theres a vaccine for covid... but we'll see lol. I've been working from home since March and probably will be until at least next year, which is kinda nice but kinda maddening.... I like have been very well behaved but I feel like im getting cabin fever. But the dog is very happy to have me around all day.

Last year I started my own closed species, Puppillars, and I'm proud to say its grown and gotten better and better over time. We now have our very own site, using the Lorekeeper framework, and are getting closer and closer to being fully independent from deviantart (whose layout change SUCKS). If you wanna check it out, its over at ! Its fairly easy to obtain MYOs without spending real money, and we have been slowly adding more content to the ARPG over time, so there's some fun stuff to do! We are also currently open for Guest Artists, so if that's something that interests you, you can check out the info here:

Last but not least, I have never even plugged my commissions here, but recently I moved them over to Carrd! It was super fun and easy to use, and I'm really happy with the layout, and recent updates to my TOS and Pricing, so you can check that all out here: My commissions are OPEN, and I also might be interested in art trades (with mutuals only, sorry!) so feel free to hit me up if you are interested in either.

Hope everyone is surviving 2020! I havent really used TH for social things, but there are a lot of you that I have here that I don't really have anywhere else, so I wanted to say hey! And let you guys know you can always reach out to me here if you wanna chat!

Beelzebubbies Grand Opening!

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by provie

If you are into closed species, Beelzebubbies is having a grand opening! The group is really cute and is gonna have some fun stuff!

I'll be doing a guest adopt set on April 4th as well! :)