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you don't really have to read this if you're only here to look at my charas ik everyone skips these lol. if you wanna like interact with me keep reading though

i'm an adult! i don't have nsfw content on my page, but please do keep it in mind if you're a minor and you want to interact with me

i'm not a chara hoarder i just can't draw and outsource all art of my characters

please do not

  • be weird??
  • use tone indicators for me, saying stuff like "wow i love your art /gen /pos" just makes me feel infantilized. if i'm confused by something you say i'll just ask for clarification
  • ask me why i blocked you/get a friend to do it, this should really be common knowledge if someone is trying not to interact with you why would you go out of your way to force them to look at you
  • try and befriend me if you're under 16 (business interactions are ok)
  • try and involve me in convoluted drama
  • i don't have a public blacklist or dni list lmao. if you're a freak i'll just block you

content warnings

  • religious themes
  • eyestrain (these have their own chara warnings)
  • occasional body horror
  • lots of eyes!

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