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salutations dreamer.

thank you for visiting my page. i promise that eventually everything will be put together here. but for now, feel free to explore and pretend that everything has a pretty little bow on' topp'it. or don't, choice if yours friend. otherwise have a great rest of your stay, and don't break anything i wouldn't.


  • my apologies if i ever come off as brash, rough or clueless.. perhaps just lacking social refinement- as i do lack such things unfortunately haha, please let me know if i ever make you feel concerned in any way.~
  • if you're currently trying to reach me, but can't for some reason please try reaching some of my mutuals, as im sure one of them will be able to catch a chance with me.
  • my dms are always opened to those who are having a hard time, and those who just find themselves to be a tad bit lonely. despite me not having much time, i wouldn't mind a change of pace and a nice chat.


  • make art for my characters
  • talk to me about games or fish
  • ask me about my commissions
  • offer to be friends or link characters


  • rush responses or art from me
  • be sad about losing a raffle i made
  • make assumptions about me
  • harass my friends

please take a look below and make sure you'd like to continue.


  • although i was planning for all the updates on my profile to be done in a swift manner, it seems like that wont really be the case.. i'm going to go ahead and hide all who aren't up to date
  • i do try my best to be active but it's really likely that i simply wont be able to respond or work on things that fast due to the many issues i have going on behind the scenes right now.. i beg you to excuse this.
  • im horrifically pragmatic to the point where i may come across as negative or suspicious of you in some way, but it's just me grounding myself. apologies, please let me know if i'm too much at any point..!~
  • **** almost all my characters are hidden right now, so this doesn't really apply yet. but a lot of my characters features stories or images that may be triggering, despite this i will always try to assure that these are tagged. contact me immediately if i have accidently left something untagged ****

hello.. before we get into my dni list, please be aware a lot of the things below are triggering to some people.. and they are currently not spoilered.. because i actually can't figure out how...! please contact me, i'd like to spoiler it..!

otherwise, people who have blocked me first obviously don't apply, as they haven't done anything wrong.

block me / do not interact if:

  • although its not right for me to deem what is and isn't funny, i'd rather not associate with people who are willing to make jokes about death or harm in any context. hearing someone make jokes about suicide or self harm just isn't something i'd like to be around.
  • following a similar tune to the previous note, i ask that you do not make jokes about or dipict animals in situations that are harmful, immoral or otherwise wrong / repulsive. this includes jokes about abuse, media contaning feral animals in nsfw positions or gore.
  • disguised misandry even in jokes makes me feel rather melancholy.. i wish not invalidate the issues you've had however as a guy i don't like hearing how im destined to hurt people. and i don't feel good hearing "but you're different so i don't mean you".. as that isn't really the issue with it. ♡
  • on the note of the subject above, i also don't like any form of discrimination based on any other attribute a person can possess ( race / gender / sex / age / anything at all ). i believe there is a clear difference between being confused about something and the act of being hateful on purpose.
  • please do not talk to me about politics of any kind.. thank you, i don't really like hearing about anything on the news, or whats going on with laws, or anything at all- like at all i do not want to hear about it whether i agree or not. that's final let me decompress on the internet, you silly, silly, people.

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