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Welcome to my humble abode, please read the following before proceeding:

  • There might be dodgy themes mentioned in my characters such as mention of death, suicide, rape, murder etc. I'll also mark a warning on those characters too, so you'll know what you're getting into
  • Please know my character's morals and values do not represent my own, and some of them are genuinely horrible or questionable people
  • Don't steal my characters/rip them off/trace etc just don't ok. Inspiration is fine, I stand by nothing is truly ever an original concept, and we all start somewhere. 
  • My characters are not for offers, unless I've specifically made a trade bulletin about them, or offered them to you or in the UFO folder
  • Please also do not ask for pinglists, I don't do them as I don't have the intention to rehome them any time soon!
  • I don't mind faves in "dreamie" folders of my characters, as long as you don't ask or offer on them uninvited (as stated above)
  • My favourites are not "dreamie" or "ab/autoaccept" folders, they're simply collections of designs that stuck out to me so I can easily go look at them again, if somehow that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to do as you please :)

Aight, that should be it! If you read all that I commend you, have a cookie. 

Please enjoy your stay! ^^

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