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Before entering, make sure you read the warnings below plspls
Sorry if Im a little slow with communication- I recently found that Im very anxious and shy when it comes to socialization with new people, but I try and force myself to stay calm and reply regardless. Even so, sorry if it takes a while to respond to your message; I might be trying to figure out how to explain something without sounding like a dickhead

Please Do Not

  • color-pick my designs unless you are redesigning a design you got from me
  • shame my comfort characters pls [ they make me very comfortable and happy, especially edward if you can't tell by now LOLOL ]
  • mention or joke about ab**e or s***ide around me [ I understand that I make lore regarding these subjects, but it's for my own personal coping reasons. If you do this, there is a chance you will be blocked. I'm triggered easily by these topics; please be careful </3 ]
  • be a general asshole [ you will be blocked LOL ]

Content Warnings!!!!!

  • sensitive topics in my character lore [ for coping reasons- ill list some below ]
  • ab**e
  • su***de
  • other sensitive topics [ ill list them if i can think of more ]

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