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i'm actually really nice i've just worded this bluntly bc i'm so tired of people not respecting my boundaries lol. so if you actually interact w me i promise i'm not this harsh.


if you draw me fanart i'll cry

don't offer outside of tertiary / UFTS unless told otherwise

don't add story characters / sonas to dreamie folders

ask to be added to pinglists (as long as they're not story chars / sonas)


DON'T ASK ME FOR CODING HELP. and also don't ask for my personal codes (they don't have credit or the credit just links to my coding acc)

my page and folders and character pages are best viewed w/ custom CSS on. everything has certain themes or edits for a reason, and should be viewable by everyone (ie: there's no eyestrain or clashing colors)

i'm a gay nb trans man, if you don't agree with any of that fuck off

i talk in all caps a lot, if that bothers you be wary

my nsfw art is authorize only, feel free to ask to be authorized if you're 18+

i do a lotta self insert stuff



don't support polyamory or polygamy

pro ship / anti anti / whatever the fuck else you call it

primarily a NSFW / fetish artist or you draw v*re

fat fetishist (i'm fat fuck off)

use the toothpaste "gay man flag". it wasn't even made by a gay person.

believe in "sfw fetishes"


coldioc / MICROWBIRD - col groomed me and he and his partner still defend his actions so :|

unfortunate_bee - truscum

kabi - makes me uncomfortable, don't have the bulletin on them anymore

Roxfoxx - trump supporter, tracer, other bad stuff

ToffzCafe - supports / is friends with roxfoxx

HALFLIZARD / their alts - sent nsfw to minors

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