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my pages are best viewed with CSS on, though it's opt. i do my absolute best to make sure there's no eyestrain, clashing colors, or flashing lights.

if you ever want to be pinged for a character that's not currently ufs, please comment here and i'll add you

do not use typing quirks around me i already struggle to read and understand words without quirks added in.

don't block evade me to ask why you're blocked or if you can use my codes. if you're blocked respect that and don't use my codes lol. find someone elses.


a lot of my characters contain sensitive content (ie: abuse, sexual assault, murder, and more), but all should be tagged accordingly. if i'm ever missing a warning or tag please let me know! i am aware own a lot of shitty characters but i do not glorify their actions.


proshippers / anti-antis (or if you're neutral on the subject as well)

truscum idiots

feral NSFW artists / zoophiles

other standard DNI criteria


coldioc / MICROWBIRD - col groomed me and he and his partner still defend his actions so :| if you want the evidence pls DM me for the bulletin/post

HALFLIZARD / their alts - personal

this user (linked because it changes usernames a lot)
block/blacklist evading, being pushy during trades, bragging about causing drama, etc

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