clay is a terraforming technology. when introduced to an object, it replaces the object with itself, and it instantly takes on the properties of the material it has just consumed so it leaves little evidence of anything happening. example: it replaces an apple, and it still looks and acts like an apple, but it can be changed into an orange if prompted. from there, it is used to convert one material into another, and when prompted it can spread and convert more objects into itself, allowing for the automatic production of more clay. the intention was to turn wasteland planets or home locations into habitable homes easily. however, this tool has been weaponized in the form of a bomb. the explosion would have spread clay to an area for the bomb launchers to convert into nothingness, but it never detonated. instead, decades later, some of the clay eventually leaked out on its own and started converting the nearby area into clay. with the creators long dead, there was no one left who could use the clay to convert materials, so everything seemed normal. however, the degrading technology causes the clay to malfunction, leaving bizarre, if not fatal, results. and it turns out there are actually some people who can control clay and its properties.

the story follows fi, who is assigned to investigate the strange events of varie. she reunites with her childhood friend adairaline and although their reconnection feels genuine, fi cant help but feel that something is terribly off... about adair, the world, and herself.

lookout is about malicious use of virtuous technology, utopian violence, and viruses: both biological and digital, combined into an awful epidemic. people become paranoid of one another, and when they discover they themselves have turned into clay, the theme of human vs machine plays out. and of course, it is about endless love and loyalty.

virastics are people who can control a certain property of clay. clay easily overtakes human bodies by the thousands. sometimes it malfunctions in a person and it changes the properties of that person. most would die, but some are lucky enough to be given a clay control property. clay control is a special ability, with special consequences. example: adair, who can change the wavelengths of herself and other clay.

shortened version: the story is about terraforming technology used maliciously. some people can control this technology, whether they want to or not.

[ this story was made years before covid was a thing, please be respectful do not compare it to covid in any way ]