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OOOH- your art is so cool!! I am immediately heading over to your pinglist.. ((Off topic but- do you also do pings for stuff like art-trades?✦

Hey! I just wanted to ask how you got your profile to look like that? (As in what code did you use, etc) Im new to TH so i dont really know how all that works lmao

hiya! i have toyhouse premium, so it allows me to use CSS and make the layout of buttons and everything different from the default toyhouse layout! for css, i bought this off of the user Eggy, i think its called sideblock on their gumroad! i think the HTML codes i used were from that bundle too. my home page and my character profiles each link to who made the code, symbolized with a </> button! 

Can’t believe I’m not subbed yet 👁

I am also watching you now

you and your pretty profile and pretty art and pretty characters and-




thank you so so much!!! im very tentative on cruise and id probably be only looking at other designs of similar/more levels of detail! my preferences can be found in my bulletins!


ty for offering but sadly i didnt see anyone id use ;o; ur art is wonderful too but ye sadly just lf designs atm! thank you though!!!


hi there! what would you be looking for trade wise on this guy? ^^

hello! for casey, im really looking at daintys (either multiple slots or premades) for him!

would you consider this dainty + add ons? add ons can be art or anyone here: includes mignyans (1 common premade + 1 uc slot),1 lyscafe design, 1 syvatoy design, 1 common popun, and tim tamz, the design of mine you favorited earlier ^^

just checking in on this! no rush, just curious :>

AHH im so sorry i forgot to reply my fault!! sob sobs thank u for pinging me i am very forgetful GHFNGH i don't think ill trade casey for the dainty, and i didn't see myself using anyone else i saw, but i appreciate the generous offer ;o; !! thank you for taking your time to offer and find what you think id like!!!

no worries, thank you for looking & considering! have a wonderful day!!

you too!! ^o^ !!!

Hey by the way the "constellations" button is broken, the link is missing a slash. Here is a working link:

Edit: Also the tectonic(?) link is borked and it should be:

thank you for letting me know!! i tried to edit them but it seems to keep not working ;_; ill try again though!

Heya! I don’t want to bother you, just asking, do you take offers on your charas? :0c

thank you for asking, and i do! though only those in this folder:

Oh, ok great, so, what are you taking for them?

ill be tentative since i just got them, but heres my preferences! 

Well, do you think you may like someone on my TH for them? You can ask for off limits!

apologies but i couldnt connect to anyone i saw ;;w;; ty though for offering!

I adore your art 😭💕 Do you plan to open commissions again this year? 

so sorry for the late response!! i might in December, but limited slots!

whhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeez you got holy art

thank you!!!

Np hehehhehehehehehhe 



god i wish i had salmon  i  fucking lve salmon