A story that takes place in Osaka, Japan.
It follows Katashi, a man who goes the extra mile to help strangers with their problems rather than his own.

slice of life drama psychological adventure (?)


Tanabata, a fesitval where once a year two star-crossed lovers are able to meet each other again. It is said that if it rains on Tanabata, the two lovers must wait until another year to meet. The rain on this day is called "The tears of Orihime and Hikoboshi". If it rains during Tanabata and two special individuals have tanzaku on the same bamboo branch that wish for something more out of their relationship, they are then affected by something almost like a curse. They both will soon be guided to another realm to face their harshest selves together.

R-18 romance supernatural horror

oranges became blue tPHMmBI.png

After Vietnam becoming a unified country again in 1975, police have found themselves in a predicamint as police killings have increased by the cause of only one man. Tong, an officer himself, is able to identify this killer as his old friend from the Vietnam War who he thought had died. Tong is in a specific police force to take down this enemy, however, Tong's own personal goal is to become his friend again despite the bloodshed around his officer colleagues.

action drama horror police


a setting in the near post-apocalyptic future where a corrupt government is causing people to be more vicious than ever is on the brink of destroying the whole world. regarding several nuclear wars, this new future gives birth to mutated humans and animals alike. however, two people who have foreseen this horrendous outcome are determined to fix their future before all hope is lost.

action adventure supernatural post-apocalyptic


VIRGIN CAMPAIGN is all about a desperate virgin lookin' to get laid before he becomes a master wizard.

R-18 comedy slice of life

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