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Please take a quick read through this before going on my profile, thank you!


  • Do not offer on characters outside of my trade/sale tab
  • Don't take my characters as your own. (Inspiration is fine, such as things like color-picking and whatnot.)
  • I'm a bit shy so I don't really like PMs unless it's about a character sale/trade, or a commission. No small talk please.
  • Minors, PLEASE respect my maturity block and DO NOT try to get around it. Do not use other people to get around it, don't use incognito windows, etc.! Even if many of my adopts are SFW, I do not do business with minors any longer, no exceptions. If you're found to be going around this, you WILL be blocked.
  • Get off my page if you're a bigot of any kind (TERF/transmed, racist, ableist, etc.), proship/profic, or a pedo/zoo.


Some of my characters have NSFW content on their profiles, and I post NSFW art of my own from time to time. It will all be properly tagged, but please keep this in mind if this is something that bothers you.

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