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Design Evolution of my OCs

Posted 1 day, 23 hours ago by scpkid

Sorry, this post is going to be long because of the images.


One of the earliest concepts of my lizard fursona. Had no idea where I was going with it, I just knew I wanted it to be inspired by my favorite lizard species.  I just wanted him to be small and pear-shaped, and I gave him markings inspired by palmetto corn snake morph (I was thinking of making him also a snake fursona like he could be lizard or snake, but the went for separate characters)


Here I began to figure out the shapes I liked best. I loved the jagged scales of girdled lizards, and wanted to give a more accurate head/feet shape.


Here I tried to depart from the corn snake morph-inspired markings, do something more inspired by desert spiny lizards but geometric/more original. I ended up not using it.


Here I combined the unused design with the palmetto-inspired markings, and gave it more of a fence / spiny lizard look, less girdled lizard. I really liked this take, especially the head shape and feet shape. But, I felt something off from it. I couldn't connect fully to it. I think I was trying to hard to rely on the original design and also trying to make it ~accurate as possible~ to lizard species.

40901992_UJyembCvztmnA8Z.pngI realized, nah, I want him to be super-stylized, silly, dragon-like. I don't care if it's not accurate to the lizard species. He's a fantasy character! But, I may still go back. I'm very indecisive when it comes to my fursonas, it usually takes a few months before I settle on something, or I end up not using them entirely. I also made him more masculine/buff, because it's gender euphoric for me. The blue on the neck is inspired by real life desert spiny lizards, so there's that. He won't just be plain white.. but I also kind of like it? All my fursonas are going to end up like this eventually, so...



Tidal quickly became what feels like my secondary sona... when I make a new fursona, It's super exciting, but usually I never feel that close that fast. I think it's because he represents something very special to me - the ocean and marine life, something that has been tied to me since childhood, growing up by the beach, going to the seymour marine discovery center, the Monterey bay aquarium, marine bio classes in high school, and generally being around a marine loving culture. Also, my favorite colors, and my favorite shark species!

When I first made him.. its literally because our wifi password randomly had "rainyshark" in it. It inspired me to make the first concept as an adopt. When I redraw theconcept (the fluffy one) I fell in love with it... it didn't help I used my favorite colors, markings, shapes, and a weather theme. Third one is I decided to move away from the fluffy aspect and give it a more anatomical tail, based on black tip reef shark. Then in the ref, I went with a more masculine design (once again, gender euphoria) and finished the markings and such. I still love the shapes in the fluffy concept (the head shape is cute, I'll probably come back to it in drawings lol)



My snake fursona has gone through so much! I mean they used to be a fluffy ball python... but I think I prefer rattlesnakes/vipers. If it wasn't, probably a colubrid like a garter snake. 

Sort of a problem I have with making fursonas. I have hard time relating to a character when the head is just...plain/smooth. That's why I gave my shark Hair, my lizard exaggerated head Scales, and why I ended up giving my rattlesnake little sidewinder horns? I don't know why. I've tried!! but It just looks and feels better to me, same with doing a lot of jagged scales. My snake is still a work in progress like my lizard but I like the direction a lot. Snakes are one of my favorite animals ever, so It's hard to not have like...2,3 more snake fursonas LOL cause I would do a grass snake/garter snake and a fluffy grumpy eastern hognose 

Interest in REdesign Commissions?

Posted 4 days, 20 hours ago by scpkid

Would you be interested in a REdesign commission - I redesign an old character of yours.

Strongly prefer to work with your ORIGINAL creation. I may feel weird redesigning a character someone else made without their permission. Obviously, it's normal to change/update a design you bought. But I may not be comfortable doing it for profit. I hope that makes sense.

I really want to open design commissions, but I may have to raise my prices. I think a normal (original/from scratch) fullbody design commissions may become 120 USD instead of 100 USD.  This may even increase further. However, I would keep redesign commissions to 100 (and if my fullbody increase, it may only increase to 110 to help with Paypal fees).  I have to raise my prices due to increase Paypal fees and increased life/bill etc fees. 

I don't know when I will open, I like to clear my queue completely before opening! I have some owed work for private commissions/friends right now. After I'm done I would love to open a small batch, but with a preference for redesign commissions. So maybe mid November?

character of mine for resale!!

Posted 19 days, 22 hours ago by scpkid


This wasp character I sold a while back is for resale !

one of my special interests is perfumery/scents in general so,

if your oc was one of these perfumes which one? (post a pic of your oc next to the image of the bottle so we can compare >:3 make sure to credit the art if its not yours!)

you can also do multiple if several fit together!! (imagine it all together as one perfume...)

bonus points if you do something weird/funny...

(btw to make images go next to each other, click the image and hit the star and choose "inline"!)


112243?1623660869DM197.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM488.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM138.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jeau de californie...


94745?1618897605DM126.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM207.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM086.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jthis is giving him too much credit, ( i am planning on making a fragrance similar to this )

my sharky

10191349?1620885012 DM261.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM092.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM189.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jim sorry.

6040041?1595402042DM164.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM281.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.jDM376.1d2fc1789aaded4ef9ffe99fe3a0eb30.ja nice smelling boy

edit: adding some more







anyone here into perfume hobby ?

Posted 1 month, 1 day ago by scpkid

i've always been fascinated by smells, in chemistry (using synthetic compounds and combining with natural extracts and such), in therapy/aromatherapy (no i don't think essential oils will ~cure you~ i just like a whiff of lavender or mint and i feel happy but i also believe in the power of scent memories/nostalgia and being comforting! plus i use it for coping with body dysmorphia whic i explain further down) but also  just... wearing perfume makes me feel good and confident

only last few years i REALLY got into perfumery. now im studying it to make it myself! i mean the real deal, not perfume scent blends like the ones you buy for candle making etc but working with pure extracts and compounds but keepin it beginner level for a bit. i think i also want to do custom perfumes as commissions!

honestly before i didnt know much about smaller brands/indie makers... like when i thought of perfume i just thought of the stuff you walk by in department stores that smells overwhelming or all the same powdery musky mess... but i got introduced to le labo, while its honestly overpriced and a little overrated, i still enjoyed experiencing all of them and it opened up a new world for me for how interesting perfume can be.  i started collecting sample perfumes, a lot of them free, i have a great little collection and its been rewarding since i learned a lot from smelling perfume, for when i make my own. 

i also found perfume to be a pretty healthy coping mechanism for my body dysmorphia. i struggle with bdoy dysmorphia, not to be confused with gender dysphoria, as body dysmorphia is a mental disorder. though, having experienced both, there are some similarities/overlap but dysmoprhia definitely feels like a mental illness while dysphoria is more of a struggle with confidence, i feel. but anyways, perfume has been a great way to uplift myself when i'm down. it can boost my confidence a lot, if i'm having a bad day but need to leave my house and i'm struggling, wearing a perfume that comforts me or makes me feel cool helps

ANYWAYS.........anyone else also into perfumery? any personal favorites, or maybe your favorite perfume houses / perfumers? its an odd hobby because it's weird talking about it. since theres not much to show, its all about scents, and its super subjective.....

if you are interested in perfumery i can also answer any questions about it ^^ maybe even help with recommendations!

so far my favorites are

  • demeter (okay this brand is sooo odd. just.. take a look at their list. take it all in... tell me whihc one sounds the most odd to you. but , i heard good things about their perfumes, since they do a lot of unique scents no one else is doing.)
  • d.s and durga (expensive but i love the branding and "el comisco" is literally my oc Tex)
  • le labo (its overrated but got me into it! so i have to!)
  • zoologist (guys this brand is so fun when ur a furry. just look it up. they got fursonas on the bottles. its hilarious. tho a lot of the scents are complex/overwhelming for me, i appreciate the brand.)
  • lush (i appreciate lush has some more affordable perfume options tho they also have overpriced ones. lord of misrule is just amazing though. if you like the body wash, i strongly recommend the perfume.)
  • aesop (super expensive but ive got cheap decants of it.. i love how natural they smell. hwyl is just AMAZING if u like smokey green forest smells.)
  • juniper ridge (their stuff is very cheap btw but its kind of intense in a pine way. like intense pine sap citrus scents)
  • strangers parfumerie (this indie house is based in thailand and its just so good! i love the range they have, and theres a lot of south east asian inspired scents, which is very refreshing since lots of perfumes are based in/inspired by europe)
  • olympic orchids perfume (very indie/small business brand, they have a perfume called woodcut that smells like.. fresh cut wood, but also sweet, its really good if you are into that)
  • lvnea (canada based gothic witchy  indie brand. if you like the sound of that please check it out. they have this really interesting wet forest medicinal pine scent called ghost pine!)
  • good & well supply co (they are a candle company but sell some perfumes, all the scents are based on national parks, so a lot of natural, foresty smells. i really like sequoia and yellowstone)
  • j-scent (scents inspired by japan, made in japan, lots of very unique scents or unique takes on classic stuff! super underrated. they even have a ramune perfume)

perfumes i own. honestly, i don't own many, because.. i own a ton of free or cheap samples i've been collecting! which is what i find most fun about perfumes. you can get samples for totally free at depart stores or other stores that sell perfume if you ask but these are the "full" bottles i own, but i only own smallest sizes i can get.

  • lush - dear john (it smells like wood, tobacco, coffeee, spice, BUT ALSO LIME?? its weird but i love it)
  • lush - lord of misrule (this is my christmas and halloween perfume!!! YES it fits both holidays! it smells like pepper, patchouli, and vanilla, its just amazing.)
  • aesop - hwyl (one of the most amazing perfumes ive ever smelled and was a gift from my bf ;w; if you ever visit an aesop, try it. its a smokey green woodsy scent. like a sauna in a japanese forest. its mindblowingly good.)
  • comme des garcons - hinoki (a sharp woodsy scent, my newest perfume, its close to the skin tho and doesnt project a lot, but its cozy)
im basically on the hunt for my dream perfume. hwyl ALMOST was that, but for some reason with my skin chemistry, it starts to smell kind weird when it dries off. so, im trying to find something similar thats long lasting ^^

btw this guy is my fursona now ( i actually own a sample of it and its really good )


gay lizards..

Posted 1 month, 8 days ago by scpkid

i want more reptile characters, heres a pair im working on. the idea behind them is contrasts + both are hybrids

big one is a cowboy from a desert town ( sungazer girdled lizard / texas spiny lizard mix ) and small on is a tattoo artist from a beach town ( western skink / coast range fence lizard mix )


Seeking Pokemon Trainer HTML Code

Posted 1 month, 24 days ago by scpkid

howdy everyone, I'm working on some human (woah) characters in the pokemon world, so im looking for a profile code. im looking for somehting htat has information for the human character of course (i love tabs and such), but also have a space for the team! (and where i could potentially put in information like abilities/moves.) 

i like this one (as an example, i like it has plenty of space for trainer info but also sections for pokemon) but just looking around for other options. i might do different ones for different trainers ^^ i like this one too but its a bit small (still will use it for a character likely) (i justs wanted to share some i do have on me for those who wanted to make profiles too)

Hi there, I'm on the hunt for a physical cartridge of Pokemon Platinum and/or HeartGold OR SoulSilver. (I don't have a preference for the version, but I am interested in owning both if possible)

Yes, I am fully aware of emulating, I have been emulating for years, but I am currently rebuilding my physical collection for personal reasons.

If anyone has a physical cartridge and willing to mail it to me, I can trade you one or 2 of these ocs!


I would prefer if it was your own cartridge you have had for a while you know is legit and are okay with passing on. I would feel bad for anyone to buy me one off ebay because they are VERY overpriced now (they range from 90-120 for a legit cartridge, the fake ones are 20 so the pricing may seem confusing), and there are many fakes out there and I would prefer to not have a fake cartridge. Of course though if you are VERY interested in one of my characters and willing to buy a legit cartridge at that price range, that is fine with me.

If you are interested, you can comment or privately message me!

the evil has been defeated

Posted 2 months, 2 days ago by scpkid


just so people are aware, Person Who Will Not Be Named (extreme art thief / stalker and harasser ) was finally banned from the site... it only took 2, possibly 3+ months and a massive amount of reports :( But thank god it's over.

If you don't know who I'm talking about -honestly good and leave it at that. This is for those who were still scared of them being around and still not banned, so that they can be informed they are gone from the site (for now)

I'm working on some fakemon for fun, and I really like some of the designs, I think I might upload them here and make fake poke dex pages for them!

Here's an idea i had: (the image of pokemon is very zoomed in i know.)


Pokemon is my lifelong special interest and right now i've been super focused on it.

I've talked about this before but I am working on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon headworld!!!!

the world page for it is almost done, like 90%... I also need to come up with the right name for it ^^" but ill share it soon.

Here's a preview of the world so far: (you can see it has a lot of pages... its a lot of info)