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eo on some ocs!

Posted 4 months, 20 days ago by seasick

I've put everyone on this tag as logged in only! Feel free to make offers on here if u wanna or dms are cool too! Some of em I'm more tent about

Also my alt acc

"pixel" comms

Posted 4 months, 23 days ago by seasick

i'm wanting to do comms for these again:


because they're kinda cute! but i need new examples, i'm gonna be doing em in both that style, but also my typical chibi style

i'm gonna be charging a discount price of $7 for the big ones and $5 for the little ones (they will be $10 and $7 respectively when i have examples)

i can also consider animations for an additional charge (prices may vary based on complexity)

My cat is sick and I was hoping he'd recover but its been 3 days and I can't afford vet bills til January 

Hopefully I won't have to but adonis is my baby boy

pwyw comms maybe

Posted 5 months, 15 days ago by seasick

thinking of doing pwyw comms!!! would anyone be interested?? o: what would you prefer, via paypal or via ko-fi??

art trades

Posted 5 months, 19 days ago by seasick

i wanna open up art trades again!! hmu if you're interested

even if you're not auth'd i'll auth you for art trades dw


Posted 5 months, 26 days ago by seasick

i've been on a real designing high lately so here are some new adopts i put together!! 

you can find them here



Posted 6 months, 1 day ago by seasick

reopening my commissions! 


I also do discord emotes !



Posted 6 months, 5 days ago by seasick

there's only one of my cat OTA adopts left!