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About Me :

Sup!! Name's Shark for all you newcomers.

If you've been on my page before just skip this, but if you haven't, please read this before doing ANYTHING on my page! If I see you haven't read, I will know, and it could potentially lead to me blacklisting you. So uh. Read the content warning.


Content Warnings :

These warnings are here for your personal safety. If you are sensitive to any of the following, I suggest not continuing.

  • blood and/or gore
  • disturbing or suggestive themes
  • heavy nsfw or explicit artwork


  • Do not offer on ANY CHARACTERS that are in my sona folder. You WILL be blocked.
  • If you get a character or design from me, I WILL be watching how you treat them, if I do not have access to seeing them I will BLACKLIST and BLOCK you.
  • The retired folder is unavailable for anyone and I will not make it public.
  • If you contiously try to offer on my characters after I have denied your offer you will be blacklisted from owning any of my designs.
  • As for drawings, most of my public characters are on ARTFIGHT. Which is the only time I will accept gift art. The only other time I will accept gift art OUTSIDE of Artfight is from mutuals or from raffles. Do not use my designs without my permission.

You May :

  • Comment or favorite my characters
  • Offer for art trades (make sure to read my profile before offering for trades.)
  • more to be added later...maybe.

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