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Posted 3 years, 28 days ago by silverheart-nine

say hello!
date maybe?

Casually lookin for some relationships (friend, cousin, sibling, classmate, etc.) for my beans~
Anyone tagged ‘say hello’ is fair game! I might do dates/crushes or even longterm ships for the ‘date’ tag, but fair warning i’d be kinda picky... ^^; My ‘babey’ tag is kiddos who would probably especially love a mom friend or someone adopting them as an informal family~
You can ask about characters outside the tags, but they’re less likely.
☆ ☆ ☆
I’ve,, never really done like actual RPs before? But i’m also open to try! AUs/alt forms are a-ok. [no smut/ NSFW/ fetish]
I tend to like drawing OCs with their frens sometimes ^^ so plz no characters you might trade away ofc.

Also casually seeking these oc types (or ocs that can be redesigned to these!)

☆ Dainties/MYOs, i like dainties ok and i have too many ideas--
☆ random lil off-base doodle adopts
☆ snake-theme humanoid
☆ dragon (esp. white/pearlescent)
☆ undead humanoid (male)

More likes~: