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Hi! Just dropping by to say your art is super rad!! ^^!! 

♡♡ค(=ච ﻌ ච=)♡

The piece you did of Ash for the exchange is so cute, thank you!! I hope you have a lovely new years x3

I hope yours is great too! ♡ฅ( •⍵•❀)ฅ

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♡ฅ( •⍵•❀)ฅ

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Yep, my forum thread is still  open, although no guarantees ofc that i will pick any particular post or not ^^; it's just on whatever happens to make ideas pop up!

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glad you like it!! ต(=ω=)ต

i like to think the lil critter munches tiny bites out of candles when you're not looking-- especially nice-scented ones!

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your candles will never be safe again~

perhaps the wax color even changes based on what candles got munched?

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Hey hun I have character stuff I would like to talk to you about if you have the time

Sure what's up? working on a design? :3

yeah but it is hard to think of how to show aspects of her with her design


ok ^^ what details are you working on?

I am trying to figure out how to make notes on how the character's personality is and how to make her easy to see her personality

Motivation is a great place to start explaining a character. ^^ What is it she wants most-- what she thinks she needs to be happy? Everyone to like her? To succeed at something? Making a few notes about that (and her smaller motivations) will show a lot about her.

Second, how does she interact with her surroundings/people? Is she cautious, confident, relaxed? Body language such as slouching, hiding behind hair/baggy clothes, lounging, or good posture can help highlight this aspect of a character for people to see.

Getting some likes and dislikes is nice too-- but you have to be specific to show her personality! Everyone likes their friends or some sort of music, right? Saying someone likes lame jokes, or blues music (for example) tells you a lot more about them.

On that note, coming up with a couple of songs that feel like they fit a character is also fun!

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I forgot to thank you for making a redesign of my oc.

They look so adorable as a dog so thank you :)

glad to~! ^^

Sowwy for bothering you again~ (T▽T)

I wanted to ask a minor question about Finn, is that a ponytail or just his hair being unkept? I kept debating between the two, so I had to ask lol.

i sorta imagine it just always grows in that cactus-y bloomy shape, but it could totally be a ponytail or bedhead too!

Thank you so much for the redesign picture of my OC Hope! I really love the tattoo idea!!

sure thing, glad you like! ^^

Thank you so much for the picture of Alvaris, He looks amazing in your style <3 

ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ sure thing!

Holy crap! Thank you so much for the gift art! <3 It was quite unexpected, and I love it!

ฅ(•ㅅ•❀)ฅ y'welcommmmme~

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awwww thankya (〃 ω 〃)

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+.゚(灬´ ͜ʖ`灬)b゚+.゚ you're welcome~!

tfw you want to be friends but you're too shy 161.jpg

do you have discord

yeah fam! :D silverheart-nine#1149

i'm also part of a super-chill lil server if you wanna drop in too (