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  • Some art pieces contain blood/gore. All art pieces that contain blood/gore will be tagged properly.
  • Some art pieces are suggestive in nature. All suggestive art pieces will be tagged properly.
  • Many character stories will deal with sensitive or dark topics, such as emotional abuse, death, and unhealthy relationships. If you are sensitive to or triggered by these kinds of topics, I recommend going elsewhere.


  • Do not draw nsfw art of my characters.
  • Do not place offers for characters unless I have explicitly stated I am willing to sell/trade them.
  • Do not steal/copy my characters or their stories.
  • Do not trace, recolor, or copy my art.
  • Do not ask for commissions, trades, or art requests unless they are stated to be open (status can be viewed on profile).


If you ship inc/st and/or p/dophilic relationships do NOT interact with me. Additionally, if you are a H/rry P/tter fan do NOT interact.

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