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Posted 4 months, 3 days ago by snipsnops

--- Design TOS ---
⭑ Do not remove or crop out my signature for any reason.
⭑ When posting my art or designs on or off site, please link proper credit.
⭑ Do not resell one of my designs for a higher price than you bought it for unless you've added additional art.
⭑ Do not turn any of my one-off designs into a closed species/open species.
⭑ You may tweak parts of the design to your liking, but please make sure to still credit me as the original designer!
⭑ When reselling/trading/gifting my designs offsite, please direct the new owner to this TOS and make sure they credit me as well.
⭑ Message me here or on discord (snipsnops#3723) if you have any questions!