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(crossposted from dA)

hey! i'm trying to ease back into dA now that i'm finally starting to have more of a balanced schedule between my new job and other things!

i'm feeling especially nostalgic for my old designs! and old designs from my mods (sxilin, miyabau, sacchim) they don't need to be lovedrops, i know i personally have a couple of old one-offs from way back that could be floating out there! 

i can offer art (ask for literally anything and in any style!) and usd

pls comment below and i'll note you if i'm interested!

taking offers

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by softsy

hello! while i’m mostly afk today, i’ll be taking offers on the characters in this link:

i can add-on art, depending on the offer! just ask if you’d like to work something out! ^^ note/chat/comment is all fine!

art ♡ fight

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by softsy

hi! i'm playing some art fight again this year ^_^

i'm on team spice but friendly fire is totally cool!