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General Warnings

  • Some Violent Content
    • gore in my characters' galleries will be put into tabs and have the proper warnings attached.
    • in order to avoid seeing gore in my artwork, please stick to my art showcase/folders, since i can't guarentee that commissioners put warnings on their files.
  • Copyright Notice
    • all of my characters and artwork are under copyright.
    • some are under extensive protections; some of my comic/game characters have had them filed, meaning that any efforts to copy, edit, republish, sell, etc, may result in a legal dispute. i will file copyright infringement charges.
    • a lot of my characters are open for roleplay, but i do not do any NSFW roleplay.

  • do not heavily-reference my designs
    • i would like to say that light inspiration is okay, but since i've had more issues than not when having said that, my final answer is, just don't. obviously taking a few colors is fine, but i would limit it at 2-3 to avoid the possibility of it being too similar, y'know.
      • NOTE: do not reference my world or comfort characters, whatsoever.
    • exception: if you'd like to make fanart or roleplay, please let me know via message here! i tend to instinctively block people who favorite them.
  • do not use my characters
    • do not use them to roleplay or to make anything without my permission, repost/upload, etc.
  • do not ask to buy/trade/offer for characters that are not in the Adopts or OC Shop folders
    • if i ever sell tertiary characters in an emergency sale, the notice will be posted on my deviantart or instagram. if you'd like to be notified for something like this, you can follow me there.
Other Info

  • don't be afraid to message me! i'm usually up for a chat.
  • my adopts can be found here!
  • the age minimum for roleplaying with me is 16. anyone 16+ is welcome. :> just message me.
  • this great background cheat was made by ovob, check out their stuff!

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