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Hello hello! Welcome to my page! Before proceeding, please be sure to read the following to avoid any future issues! ^u^


💫 Please don’t offer on characters that are in the Foreverhomed or Storylines folders 

💫 Some of my characters contain mature or possibly disturbing themes- proceed with caution! 

💫 If I perceive you as aggressive or hostile in any interaction, I WILL block you. If you think something might risk coming across this way, PLEASE use tone tags. 

💫  I may also block to avoid accidental favs and adding characters to dreamie lists that don’t allow this. If I somehow overlook a character’s warnings and fav/add to dreamie lists when not permitted, please don’t hesitate to let me know! 


Warnings aside, thanks for stopping bye! Feel free to fav, offer on characters marked as being ufo, add characters to dreamie lists, etc.!  ^u^

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