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Please read
  • Are (basic DNI things, homophobe/transphobe, racist prick, zoophile, proshipper ect)
  • Are here to advocate your pro-life views or whatever, I'm not interested.
  • Are here to tell me I'm not being a "proper Christian" by supporting LGBTQ+ and stuff just go away lol
  • Make light of mental disorders/issues/trauma
Will add on as I see fit-
Failure to follow my "Do Not"s will result in a blacklist <3
Do not
  • Draw/Write anything NSFW of my characters
  • Steal/Trace/Heavily reference my characters. Inspiration is fine (I guess-), just don't blatantly copy
  • Add ANYONE from folder "nfs" to your dreamies list. Makes me very uncomfortable thanks- don't offer on them either!
  • Insist that I trade/gift you a character or artwork, or get angry when I decline an offer
  • "Kin" my characters- You can stan (is that the word?) them all you like though xD just don't go too far-
  • Draw my OCs (lemme know first, I wanna see XD)
  • Check my preferences before offering on UFOs
  • Ask about my OCs! I love talking about them :D
  • Ask if you can build relationships between our characters :>
  • Ask about art trades!
  • Ask for ping lists :>
  • Ask me to explain lore from fandoms I'm in :D not spoiler-free though!
  • Share your headcanons!! Be it for fandoms or between characters :>
Content Warnings
My characters MAY have content/designs that include
  • Blood / Gore
  • Abuse
  • Weapons / Sharp objects
  • Death
  • Mental disorders
  • Self harm / Suicide
NSFW is not and will not ever be a thing on my page.

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