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here are some general warnings before you proceed. my profile contains content featuring the following:

- horror content !! literally (almost) anything you'll find in a horror film, which is basically what the rest of this list is

- mentions of murder, death, etc.

- blood, body horror, gore, etc.

- themes of (severe) depression, anxiety, etc.

- mentions + possible depictions of self harm

- mentions of suicide + suicidal ideation

- mentions of abuse (specifically child abuse)

- mentions + depictions of alcohol and drug abuse

- cosmic + existential horror and themes

- religious themes

- mentions of sexual themes

i don't condone or support horrific things (like murder or abuse) featured within my works (i feel like that should be a given)- i'm simply an enjoyer of horror and the mature themes that come with it. i try my best to treat each subject with respect, but please proceed with caution if you're sensitive to any of the above warnings, or if you're under the age of 18! thank you!

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