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  • horror related content including but not limited to the list below:
  • depictions of self harm/suicide/suicidal ideation
  • light-heavy blood + gore
  • depictions of abuse (mental/emotional/verbal/physical)
  • themes and depictions of mental illness, depression, anxiety, etc
  • mentions and depictions of substance + alcohol abuse, addiction
  • body horror
  • mentions and themes of murder, death
  • cosmic + existential horror themes
  • religious themes
  • sexual themes

  • please be 16+ if you follow me.
  • be wary of content that may trigger you/make you uncomfortable. i'm not your parent, please read the warnings listed above before interacting with me and my content. please proceed with caution, especially if you're under the age of 18.
  • i feel like this should be a given but i don't condone the shitty things present within my works! i try my best to be careful with the content i include but lmk if something is insensitive or otherwise!!!
  • don't offer on characters outside my adopts folder! the answer will always be no.
  • do not interact with me if you're into shipping incest/pedophilia/non-con/zoophilia/etc. you're a freak. get some fucking help.

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