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Welcome to my page! - Don't try to steal any of my characters or make exact duplicates. You're free to color pick as much as you'd like, and even take inspiration from my designs! Just be courteous. - The characters in my Mains and Archived folders will never be up for sale unless I explicitly say otherwise. If you're interested in buying any of my designs, feel free to take a look at the One-Offs folder. - Feel free to create artwork of any of my characters (except for those in Archived), I would love to see what you can make! - If you have any questions, leave a comment on my wall or contact me on Discord (toxous#5493). Important Note: My characters are marked with the following letters: A - Anthro F - Feral H - Humanoid U - Undetermined Use these to determine the characters you would like to draw or are looking to purchase. Have a great day!

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