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cleaning out my th

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago by typicalia

im gonna clean out some of my ocs ;0 i think most of them i'm keeping for sentimental reasons (p much everything by marie) but there's def some im gonna put uft, ill update when i decide on stuff

how do u revive interest in things

Posted 3 years, 4 months ago by typicalia


i have so many ocs/things to do/whatever and im like .... maybe ..... nah. what if i just...started over, everything, except for like 3 characters

new bulletin

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago by typicalia

literally just to shove the old ones away until i clean up this place better haha.

on a side note, does anyone have any friends they want to give an invite code to, because i have so many, and i really don't know why

new things; a little help?

Posted 4 years, 5 months ago by typicalia

(gonna cross post to dA)

hey guys! i basically went into like a kind of week in solitude to rest after school. these upcoming weeks will mean more activity. but this summer I want to try new things, and really commit to them! so some things I'm gonna experiment with include adopts/customs and streaming, and if everything goes well, maybe even a patreon for art/commissions and drawing tutorials/references, focused on both digital and traditional media and building important art and character development skills. . . .. . .yeah, im a little spooked too but it's something i've always wanted to do!

ANYWAY since my patreon goal is a goal for much much later, i wanted to ask:

(you dont have to answer all of these hahaha) -What kinds of adopts are you interested in, or would like to see? (alternatively, what kind of adopts and characters are you TIRED of seeing????) -Do you enjoy characters with only an image, or a character that comes partially developed? By that i mean, I give you an image of the character, and maybe personality ideas or traits. (Of course, those would be totally changeable or optional if you are not interested in that.) -What catches your eye the most when you see a new design you would like to buy? -Which are you more likely to pick if you had the choice, a custom or a premade design? both are fine!

anyway, thank you!! ;v;/


Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by typicalia

schools over, i want to get back into my ocs, but just looking at all of this is like ??? kind of overwhelming??? i think i'm slipping back into my "what's the point" mind set from these past few years, because I don't rp anymore sadly (which there goes like a good portion of my fun w/ ocs), and I have just. So Many Stories and stuff to really pick one and start just developing my own things (like i probably should be doing but sometimes that feels so lonely)

Anyway you're not reading this to hear me whine!!!

I have some outstanding commissions/requests to finish, and then after that will probably just be a spam of updated art and stuff. Who really knows, because I sure don't

looking for characters!

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago by typicalia

ok anyway shuffling that poopy bulletin under the rug, i'm just looking for some character designs!


♥ Art (for rarer things I can offer a lot :' ) )

X other ocs (I don't have many up haha but I can always make u something)

X Money (I have some left over points on DA but money is tight ATM. I'm very sparing with this)


♥ bluC adopts

♥ pokemon gijinkas

♥ cutesy or gorey things

♥ females, tho I'll take males too


♥ closed species - I'm just super picky, so feel free to offer!

♥ anthro like characters


X feral / animals


I can be a little picky I admit but I'm genuinely looking to trade / expand my ocs. If u see one of my ocs that's up here, u can ask, but the answer will probably be no unless its marked specifically haha

i exist outside of my friends

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago by typicalia

my friends are not my only identity and i do not act on their behalf and they do not dictate my actions

like fun fact its 2016 and I've been saying this for almost 6 years now its getting a little old