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Hey I got my code off of you and just found your toyhouse. Tysm <3 I really haven't said that enough.


i check this all of once a month and im glad i did this time i keep meaning 2 tweet @ u too, to ask do u still use kik??? bc i started using it for a dumb group project thing (im still typicalia lmao) but i cant have skype on my phone anymore, but i really really fucking miss you even if it's been months, idk if you use fb a lot but i also use fb messenger for communication mostly these days ?? fuck man i just miss talking to you like we used to, i feel lonely & guilty just thinking about how long it's been

OMG dont feel guilty???? u can re-add me on fb ive become a bit more active there tho sometimes i dont respond bc i dont have it up in a tab or im just busy doing other shit aA;;

literally juST DONT FEEL BAD !! im active on twitter as well if u wanna message me there, i dont use kik as much anymore though but i could remake an accout or something ?????

just pm me ur fb and i can add u there too :0

http://prntscr.com/8k5z2m zei th zeith etih

me & de v: m elt into puddl es ... huSBAND . ..... ..

ur avatar is 300000% better