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What does the paw next to your name mean are you the creator of toy house :0

I was just a beta tester so I got to pick the icon I wanted back in the day

Hello and happy new year!!!! I have a quick question! Are silkbuns still a closed species of yours? And i was also wondering if i could make a kemonomimi version of my silkbuns?

Thank you for your time!!!! c:

Hi! I don't really want to call them a species (or by the name "silkbuns") anymore because a long time ago I wished not to really develop their concept (and instead put that effort into what's now faunnies, who have lots more lore/purpose beyond their looks) so you can just consider them open / just horse tailed rabbit furries. And yeah, making kemos is fine. ^^

Oh okay! Thank you so much!

Have a good night and new year! ^^

Hello! So sorry for the bother, but I was wondering if you had any open humanoids that you have designed for trade? Preferably art-trade wise? All good if not! I was just wondering.

scoots my butt across ur profile--

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Hiiii sorry to bother you, I was wondering if you were thinking of doing Dreamy turn-ins anytime soon?  :0

Likely not.

Okay, thank you for getting back to me :D

Hey i just wanted to beep that I realized i have the wrong permissions on one of my designs [my fault] I got him in a trade so the sale option needs to be off & trade to be on if you are able to help me ;w;

All fixed!

Qrow is my bf's favorite ehehe im glad to see another RWBY fan uwu

Your new site layout is so pretty! ;w;
I especially love the rainbowy listing of the species with these tiny chibis <3
It turned out extremely pretty *_*

god you have so many good ocs.... theyre all so nice to look at!! ;A;

Hi! Dreamy info is listed in my FAQ on my front page and each trait section has a clickable link for a visual on what they look like.

Sorry for the delay with this! Here's the home care my doctor gave me for my wrist pain (the X's are next to stuff I'll be starting later in the recovery process, and the "ball" mentioned is just a tennis ball):
I've also been getting massage therapy and acupuncture from my doctor on my arm, plus taking the herbal inflammation/pain reducers Acanthopanax 10 and Resinall E. Hope this helps some!

i forget if i asked this before but uh
do you mind fanart of your ocs

Hello! I really, really appreciate the sentiment but at the moment I'd rather not receive any ;-; sorry!

alrighty thanks for letting me know ^^

u...smelly :/


Hi! No, not currently. I sell through my bulletins, so you'd have to follow me to get updated on when they go up. ^^

Hi!! Where can I find information on Nudibrats?

All of my species info is linked in the "FAQ & LINKS" on my front page. ^^


You have 99 comments on your page so I'm gonna round it off! happy 100 comments love your designs!

No worries! I'm really glad you still like them!

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I'm a beta tester :3

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Happy birthday *///////*!!!!Have a wonderful day!!**


Thank you!!

Ur so old 

...i JUST realized your avatar is your WHM....

hahaha, it's so old i really need to do a new one since i'm an ast main now + his design changed a bit :U


ur characters are all so nice jesus christ //cry WHY

-touch your miqo- do you have a profile of your bab up anywhere he looks like such a cute! I spent far far far too much time over on xiv rping >.>

Hihi just wanted to let you know that I have resold my czylph MYO slot to stocking

Aaaa I'm so glad to see some of your precious characters back up <<3

just curious who is in your icon XD I love the animation

It's my character Kodi, but he's not uploaded yet. This version is his final fantasy 14 self :3

Ahhh well I look forward to seeing him one day ^^ and what's he nervous about XD lol, I haven't played any of the series but have wanted to

Just had a quick question after looking over the dreamy lore: do all dreamies have the third eye parasite? I just received one via trade, but his hair cover his forehead. Should I be picking a common third eye type for him, or is it possible he's not infected?

No, it's optional! Written trait-wise to have the third eye is a common addition but it's not required. In the lore itself, they show up uncommonly, but it's very easy to pass into children so it's prevalent.

Cool, thanks! <3 I'll keep him parasite free then. ;) lol Very nice lore. I enjoyed reading it.


Pinches your cheek// Where did all your ocs gooo? it's hard to draw you giftart when I don't know your precious babies~

your icon tho

i just realized your username has two wordplay/puns. First is Beauket = bouquet, and second is beauKET = Beau Cat. -claps- you've found the best username possible, beau.



Ur icon gets better everytime it changes lol

I man losing my shit over your icon

i'm crying laughing at ur icon the cutest scottish fold ever

Hid them for now, sorry!

oh my god your icon i'm fricken crying


Hi! You're art's really nice! c:

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that, also because you're like the 2nd person I've ever seen named Beau besides me lol

It's by pupples but he doesn't take commissions for them, sorry!

quick question, is there any collected species info for doki dragons :0??

The only thing I had figured out for them is that they're a terraforming species that work in massive groups to make small planets livable, and they can pretty much endure every kind of air/water condition (short of completely burning alive or freezing to death), most chemicals can't penetrate their tough skin. Dokis with cores (a small bracket with a gem on their body, or sometimes just a raw un-cut gem) are much quicker and more efficient at their craft than others, at the cost of needing to recharge with long periods of rest, they're used in big groups to set down huge patches of lush land. The species is kinda like "What if you could minecraft IRL" and I just rolled with it, LOL.

Ohh that's super cool tbh Ty!

I have to ask, who drew your icon? it's very cute

screams at your icon

I have a quick question about dreamy fins! How flexible would you say they are (if at all)? Like, if a dreamy sits down, do their hip fins (assuming they're long enough, such as second tier/under fins, would the fins kind of squish/bend or?? I dunno if I'm making any sense to you RIP

They're super squishy and flexible! They're pretty much all fat/nutrients and they have no cartilage/bone in them so they can flop around quite a bit. The only thing I can compare them with that is easily imagineable is like... boobs. LOL

Some of them are a little stiffer than normal (the ones that stick out/upward) but the ones that hang are pretty floppy.

OKAY cool! I thought that was the case but I figured I'd double check! :)

Hey! How's July treating you?

No better or worse than any other month, I'd say! It's been kind of hot though, I could do without that. <:)

That's actually good. That means you've had an okay year so far. ^^ Good for you!

Oddly enough, I'm rather happy it hasn't been all that hot here. Rather strange, if you ask me, because this is about the time I'd freak out over becoming sticky. xP

You have some neat-looking designs. A definite nightmare for me to draw, but really cool to look at, haha.

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curious question involving the wing ears on dreamies, since medium lop are now common, can I change my dreamies wing ears to be shorter??


is your username, by any chance, irish? :3 i recognise the pronunciation and such

Yes! It's one of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne's swords in Irish mythology /o/

ahhhhhh /// love all ur ocs btw

I'm glad! ;-;

Sorry to bug, just wanted to say that you have super pretty characters!~

Thank you!! I'm so glad you think so ;-;/

I just wanna say, whether silly or serious, i love how strewn out your characterd are and how they all have their own "theme song" vuv so gorg

Thank you!! I've always been super inspired to draw for certain characters based on music so I thought I'd just post up songs that remind me of them :3c

your charas and designs are v nice!

thank you!!

you're welcome!! looking forward to seeing more!

I LOVE THESE BEANS.. thank u friend


She's not a dreamy or a closed species ^^; she's just a random rabbit-like plant creature. So feel free to do whatever you'd like to her design.

WAHHH too nice to me /)__(\ thank you!

do u think you'll ever offer dreamy base transfers again?? >:0

Eventually, yes!

I did, thanks very much!

yo what the heck that icon is adoRAble

thank ya friend

Hello! Sorry to bother you but I have a quick question. If a dreamy's fins are cut off, do they grow back?

(It's not SUPER important, I just wasn't too sure and feel free to delete this comment later)

They do! It's why dreamies with the too-many-fins mutations have to keep amputating them as they progress in life, or it'll take up too many nutrients from the body.

Ahh, okay, thank you! :)

Not sure if you were looking for badass lady designs, but one of my acquaintances has this up for trade:

Sorry but I marked the thread as done because we've got enough! ;7;

Oh, sorry about that! I couldn't find the thread (because the forums are a quagmire), so I wasn't sure.

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