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I am absolutely in love with your art and designs!!! ^^

I am absolutely in love with your art and designs!!! ^^

you have super cute art! <3

thank you so much!! òwó)// <33

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confirmed !

Nice, thank you so much! <3

Thank you for faving Chase ❤❤❤

No problem! ^w^ <3

Thank you so much for the fav ♡

you are welcome!! <33

hello! I was actually wondering, how did you make your profile look like that? its just really clean looking and nice! <3

thank you <33 you must be premium to customize your css profile ;; v ;; <3 after that, you just have to know a bit about css, you can follow instructions in forums --> css/html help ;; o ;;b <3 hope it helps, I customized my profile by myself > o <3

ah! thank youuuu!!!! I appreciate it

Puni-kun can you pleaaase show me how to work that hover image on your character pages?? i can't seem to get it to work, nothing shows up and idk what im doing wrong *weeps

I just followed this: but I guess you don't end to understand. hmm let's see. First, I go to my all characters css (in settings) and write this: #main {width: ###px; } (I put 1250px but you can put the number you want). Like this, your hover image won't be moving with different kind of screens ;;v;;b Then, I go to every character settings and on css I add this code:

#UNIQUE NAME {position: relative; margin-left: ###px; margin-bottom: ###px; top: ###px; left: ####px; width: ###px; height: ###px; z-index: ##; background-image:url('URL');}

and I follow these steps. They're pretty important to follow! and remember some things may be in negative numbers (like -100px) ;;v;;b

---------------- #UNIQUE NAME: Please make this name unique. I call this one “hoverimg” margin-left: This should be the same as the width of your image margin-bottom: This should be the same as the height of your image, but negative. <-- HERE IT MUST BE NEGATIVE Top: How far you want the image from the top, may be negative Left: How far you want the image from the left, may be negative Width: Width of the image Height: Height of the image z-index: This is sort of like layers. Higher number labeled things will lie on top of lower numbers. I use 90, I would suggest just using that. No “px” is needed here, just a number. background-image:url('URL'): Place the image URL here. ----------------

And finally (and it's important since nothing will be seen if you don't do it), you must post this code on the PROFILE of every character (remember to put WYSIWYG off on settings!!!)

< div id=" UNIQUE NAME" style="position: relative;" >< /div >

Here you have to remove the spaces (between < and div, between " and UNIQUE, between " and >, between < and /, between div and >. (remember to change the UNIQUE NAME to the name you have)

I just tried to explain the same on the forum post but easier to get OTL Hope you can do it at the end!! ;;v;;b good luck bby~~

sdfasdf i did all this and its just not working. maybe im not doing it right. (i didn't skip the first steps with #main {width: 1250px; } and i turned off the WYSIWYG too

where do i put this (if its correct) #hovering {position: relative; margin-right: 200px; margin-bottom: -200px; top: 200px; right: 2000px; width: 200px; height: 200px; z-index: 90; background-image:url('');}

if i already have a character css in the settings part? cause that's just a wall of text and i have no idea where to put it

and are you sure im suppose to put < div id="head"style="position: relative;">< /div> in the Profile. like where we put the characters' info and stuf??? cause it just shows up in my character's info and nothing happens

you should post it to your characters css anyways! I have things in my character's css, just go at the bottom of everything and paste it, the code is correct. the second code you're supposed to paste it in the character's profile, yes, where it goes the info!! if you turned WYSIWYG off the code shouldn't appear. anyways, this code is not correct, the correct one should be this one: < div id=" hovering" style="position: relative;" >< /div > (removing spaces), since the name you put to your last code was "hovering" ;;v;;b hope it helps, I'm not english so I may not speak correctly OTL

asdfasdf its working THANKS SO MUCH <333

its a bit off tho and i tried playing with the numbers but i cant seem to get it up there near the box at the top (not to mention its pushing down my images section *weeps) .

AMG no problem bby <33 It seems now it's okay? or you still have problems? ;;w;;/ <3 I see this profile is okay right? //so cool /7\

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Hi Hina!!! /7\ <33

Hnn Puni bbu Your oc's are adorbs<33

thank you so much bby ;; Q ;; <33

Helloo Punii<3

hii <33

hi puni's komi from da !

Hi komi! <3

btw all of your characters are cute !

thank you so much~~

puni bby <33

Hina!! <33 ;;Q;; hii bbu!!

puni <3

Hi!!!! ;;Q;;; <333


AMG thank you so much bby TTwTT/ <3333

Thank you for the sub <33

no problem!! <3

thank you so muuch!! ;w; <33

hey there <3 good to see you here as well <3

hello!! ;Q; <33 thank you~~

your welcome hun ^^ <<3

welcome to the site ❤

Thank you so much sweetie!! ;Q; <33

Ah! just a thing~~ could you put the bbys you adopted from me to be me the creator but on the site? ;w; <33 I want everything to be in order!! Thank you~~

done c: ! you should've gotten a notification ^v^

done! thank you bb! ;w; <3

welcome to! <3 i'm currently new as well, but anyway, i hope you enjoy your stay! ovo

thank you so much <33

no problem <3