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mmm rats
General Warnings

  • Death, Suicide, Abuse
  • Hinted mental illnesses and dark historical references

  • Unless I PM you first, DO NOT PM ME unless it is for a tradethread of yours I commented on or for SALES. DO NOT DO IT. SERIOUSLY, IT GIVES ME ANXIETY. I may take a while to reply.
  • Most characters are authorized only, if you're a friend and you have curiousity, ask. I may authorize artists I want to comm, do not be alarmed if I do! Please tell me if you don't want to be authorized.
  • DO NOT COMMENT ON MY CHARACTERS FOR SALE OR TRADE. If you want to make an offer, ONLY do so on my trade thread or you will be ignored. If you ask for resale, you will be blocked.
  • I made an exception, ONCE. Please stop commenting on MY PROFILE or my CHARACTER PROFILES regarding sales/trades. Find the respective thread please.
Other Info

  • T.O.S. can be found in the Unsorted folder, as can be my trade hub. Even if you find me through my trade hub, please comment on the linked thread.
  • I CAN'T TELL IF MY OC IS LISTED AS UFT/UFS/FREE on the TH sorter thingy so please go by what I have tagged (gs and ss for people I am offering to, cls for general stuff) to determine if it is for trade.
  • If it's not in my aesthetics folder for dA, I am likely not that serious about trading for it (i.e. I won't offer a main for it) so please don't get offended if I am not offering you my lilidae or empyral or whatever.

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