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Please respect my rules and be aware of my warnings so please don’t complain when I clearly have my warnings and rules set here! Also please avoid giving these people MY designs or getting them art from me. They’re in my blacklist for a reason! As for my personal I still wouldn’t like them to owe anything by me as it makes me uncomfortable due to personal reasonings. If I see you break against these rules you’ll be added on my blacklist and be blocked!
Blacklist               Personal Blacklist

none yet                 none yet

Please do not
  • Trace/Heavily reference 
  • Copy/Steal 
  • Offer on my 0 & 1 folders 
  • Buy a comm or character for someone whose on my blacklist.
  • Don’t DM me asking for a reason why someone’s on my blacklist. 
Content Warnings
  • Few vent gore
  • Nudity
  • Concerning dark characters 
  • Slight suggestive pieces

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