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artfight 2022!!

Posted 6 days, 13 hours ago by vultureVantas

What team are you thinking of?

13 Votes Team bloom!
20 Votes Team Wither!
0 Votes Unsure/letting the site pick!

hiii ill be doing my,,, m-my 6th.. year of artfight !!!!!!!!!!! im picking team bloom (but ff is ok!!)

>:) if youre new to artfight im more than willing to help you get started if you wanna join this year! <3


if anyone has any suggestions on who i else i should upload to let me know!!! crash and joe are back as they got a bit of love last year and it makes me happy to see people enjoy my ocs!! <33

New adopts + YCH!

Posted 1 month, 22 days ago by vultureVantas

i'll delete this in a bit, but i did some collab adopts with goatlet! they did the lines, and I did the designs! <3 all funds are currently going towards them to help them out of a stressful situation. if you'd like to donate they have various means to do so here, and all donations over 10$ will get a doodle of some kind from me <3 they also have a bunch of really cute OC's up for sale as well in the thread! 

link to adopts 


i also have a ych up to help me get some new clothes as well! i wont be opening commissions for a bit so this is my main source of income right now. :]



Collab design!

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago by vultureVantas

come check out this collab design i got to do with @krowfields on her line of curio designs ! i did the concept sketch / base colors, and she did the lines and final colors <3 it was a really fun experience



Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by vultureVantas
  = Pretty good
  = Would consider
  = Don't
General preferences
  = Homestuck fantrolls/fankids (not dollsim!!), Gore/horror/macabre, medium complexity, multiple eyes, Insect/insect themes, freckles, stripes (not tigers), saturated colors, dark/tan skin tones
  = High complexity, Tall/big femmes, small/lanky mascs, clowns (spooky & bright)
  = Kids/elders, ripped/muscular designs (ex: body builders), extremely dark/light colors, extremely short/rounded/chibi anatomy "cutesy" junk
Species preferences
  = Mignyans, anthro insect(oids), human(oids), BEETLES, colored demons (ex: unnaturally colored), anthro rabbits
  = Kemonomimis, anthros (cats>dogs), calicos, trolls/goblins/orcs/DnD races, anthro furbies, o/possums
  = Werewolves/were-anything, Strudels (picky)
  = MLP/ponies, feral horses, anthro sharks/deer, feral cats/dogs, GRUB INSECTS
  = Reds, monochromes, olive/dusty/rich/dark greens, mustard yellows/orange-ish yellows, dusty/rich/creamy browns/tans, blacks that arent monochrome (ex: a super dark blue/brown/green)
  = Non-navy blues, average brightness colors
  = Purples
  = E-boy/myspace emo, grunge, kidcore/scene/eyesore (picky!!), cottagecore, dessert themes, arcade, 70's/80s fashion, over grown/abandoned nature, tired/soul exhausted aesthetic, butch
  = Uncommon pokemon gijinkas, pastels, neon 3 color rainbow aesthetics, witch-y themes, gothic (picky), sweaters/ugly sweater aesthetics
  = Holiday themes (ex: christmas, halloween, easter, etc)
  = Lolita/frilly/dresses, lace on anything, jock/cheerleader themed (or school in general)

FAV DESIGNERS: I am more likely to consider offers with designs by these people!
DlGlTALDRUGS, demistar, voidmajyyks, hmnj/RussianSlowpoke, pumpkin_witch/sorrochi, xrraro, oddydot, eatcrust. smolmidget (some!), HURTiii, dilnyan, damndaniel/strideeri, bugwizard, thekingtheory, whiart

Design terms of service

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago by vultureVantas


Uploaded on; 5/22/16 Last updated; 11/10/20
You are purchasing partial rights to the character, you may own them but I still hold copyright over the design. Blacklist can be found at the bottom.

If you receive a design from me and have a, credit both the art and creator to my TH, vultureVantas. I still request that old designs be credited to TH, old art doesn't have to be changed! If you haven't fully paid for a design you are not allowed to upload them. Please wait to have them fully paid off. If you have a TH and I've already uploaded them I will transfer them to you.

I only accept payments for adopts via USD through PayPal. On special occasions (Which will be mentioned in the description), I will take art/characters as an add-on. I do not do holds unless we’ve done business before (commissions or otherwise) and the time can be discussed. Purchasing as a gift for others is allowed, just let me know. Don’t forget to mention it, it can cause issues!

People on my blacklist are NOT allowed to own/be given any of my designs AT ALL.

If you bought it you can resell it. Take what you bought it for, and any added art and total it up, that’s what you’re allowed to sell it for. Do not add monetary value to “sentimental value”. Art made by yourself/gifts/trades DO count towards it’s worth. I prefer you ask me before reselling a character you got via trade, but it’s not mandatory. If it was a gift you are NOT allowed to resell. Gifting/trading is fine, if traded then the trading rules apply.

Minor design changes are allowed, complete redesigns are NOT.  The character still must be recognizable as the original design. Changing accessories/clothing/hair is A-okay!

Please do not ask why these people are on this list, or harass them. Thank you.

yeenboi/barkuu/pawsku/any and all of their other aliases.
Tsukifu/daysiisunshine [TH] (They are only allowed to own Fern)
pvnky/pvnkii/videotvpe/any and all of their other aliases
Ehlp/levicat/waterbirds/sealand [TH]

If you’re on my blacklist you are not allowed to receive any of my designs, or art under any circumstances with Tsukifu being the only exception for Fern.