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Ur discord link doesn’t work🥺

omg,, i forgot i even had that on my profile   im working on a public srvr rn actually !! it should be out soon and i can toss an invite ur way when its ready if u want!! :D /nf

Definitely! I’d love to join ^^

GAHHH JUST WANTED TO SAY I ADORE YOUR ART AND DESIGNS, seriously tasty colors and super fun looking :DD

EUEUEUEUE I JUST SAW THIS - this is so sweet!!!! thank youuu u gughmhmghjnhjkmgj ;; __ ;; <33

OF COURSEEEE <3333 I wish you many happy vibes >:3



hewwo! sorry for comentin here

but is anyways i can pay for this kid in points?

sorry, she isnt for sale!



I LOVE U TOO!!!!!!