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Hello! Feel free to look around, but keep a few things in mind:

1. I am autistic and have severe anxiety so I have a hard time talking to people. That being said, please don't message me ( unless it's to contact me for commissions / character sales ) if I don't know you.

2. If I have put your character(s) in my wishlist or inspiration folder and you'd like me to move them out of it, you can  send me a polite DM and I'll be happy to move them to a different folder for you!

3. None of the characters here are for sale. You can offer on ones in the retired folder but I'll probably be hesitant to accept anything. My sales account is wolfiesales.

4. I don't mind if you take inspiration from my characters. You can color pick and everything, just please don't make straight up copies of them.

5. Please please please don't kin my characters. I'm sorry if that's upsetting but my characters are pieces of me and to have someone kin them would be weird and really uncomfortable for me.

Thanks for reading!


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