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throw discord servers at me

Posted 6 months, 8 days ago by zecchou

i wish to meet people

preferably art-related i guess 

All of Rin's closed races

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by zecchou

Sup. These are most of my closed races for Lunae/Callithrix and whatnot. While they are labeled as "closed" if you ask nicely/show will to RP with them in these worlds, I'll let you make one! There's a lot to read so I hope you set aside some time.

Also a thing, do not ask for any of these if you plan to sell or trade. I don't do that, therefore there probably wouldn't be a price on any of the races.

There is another race coming up, called the Icen, but they're basically bone right now as I have only given them a huge (necessary) design overhaul. If you have any questons, go ahead and ask.

This is written like a goddamn scientific documentary so don't mind the stiff tone.

Asharaan - and all of their subspecies
Xengmin - the layout got ruined by a changed journal skin since i am no longer premium.