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changelog (for myself, mostly)

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by zinnia

hi hello im making this to keep track of my own progress mostly

  • pokeau world : library page added , timeline finished and revised
    • kenjiro removed from minor characters cuz he has a bio now
  • characters: kenjiro uploaded and published
  • unnamed celebi legend uploaded, todo bio
  • orchid's story section added. up next: kaguya

tell me what to do (part 2)

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by zinnia

hoo hoo

6 Votes fill out story sections
5 Votes give minor chars the bio format
2 Votes stop slacking and actually fill out the world
1 Votes order me around yourself (comment)

hello gamers im indecisive (again)

the pokeau world is no longer an empty wasteland and now theres things! there. everything i wanted to do is done except for the timeline (which im in the process of finishing) and individual region pages + other world/setting related links because im lazy and getting tired of it

SO YA tell me what to do pls

edit i forgot the hellzone 3 (mmd) option oops. choose the comment one and dont comment 4 that i guess

commission reminder

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by zinnia

later im going to annihilate the government but now all i can do is plug my commissions

ill doodle ur character same-day and also all my regular comms are 20% off aint that neat

thread link

ok im going to bed


Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by zinnia


3 Votes fill out story sections
2 Votes give minor chars the bio format
4 Votes revamp pokeau world (aka lore time)
0 Votes sacrifice my pen nib in an attempt 2 create oc caramelldansen
1 Votes pokeau hellzone 3 (i cry in front of mmd for 5 years)
0 Votes order me around yourself (comment)
0 Votes remember that creativetitle exists


by mostly i mean theres probably still phrasing issues/typos because thats just how i am (thx dyslexia) but ill try n fix those when i get around to story sections :okhandemoji:

anyways please help me decide what to do so i dont have to shove all my ideas into hungergamessimulator and have them fight to the death

anyways heres a criminal pic. sorry its sideways 


adopts? you want adopts? ingredience

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by zinnia


thread here (theres more too)

anyways did you know that sheeps are born with long tails. i thought that was neat

uh oh another update bulliten

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by zinnia

ive been kinda quiet because of artfight but i wanted 2 say im probably gonna be like..........mostly entirely lurking for the next week

ive posted about it in the vent board a bit but im having Problems (again because my body runs like a bethesda game) and i finally got to the doctor and tldr im taking some meds to deal with stuff and they beat me up so im probably gonna be sleeping a bunch and Not Active
ill be okay its just Annoying .... but ill definitely get back to anyone asap for pms 

also . august. im gonna make the bios uniform .i always say i will and then dont but this time i WILL and hopeflly i can even out lengths of stuff because right now its a mess. ALSO after that ill work on filling out story sections as best as i can (if anyone has particular chars theyd want to see first let me kno) as well as ........ something related to that mysterious poll but i might save that for november bc thats the Writing And Dying month.
ALSO ALSO aurelien and aya are in the main cast now through the sheer power of being gay and doing crimes - i'll move them over officially once they got wiki-style bios done
ALSO x3 I need 2 remind myself to work on the world stuff - the pokeau world is viewable now bc i cant believe i didnt set it off priv despite it being linked on all the mains profiles.. the main page is from like early 2018 but its got SOME LORE but its INCOMPLETE

ANYWAYS THATS IT if anyone wants my ribs let me know theyre free
thanx for coming heres a criminal


:thinking emoji:

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by zinnia


2 Votes platinum
0 Votes alpha sapphire
1 Votes delta
1 Votes diamond
0 Votes white / white 2
8 Votes black / black 2
1 Votes moon
1 Votes heartgold

anyways heres an.............inconspicuous poll .......................dw about it   

$3 doodle comm special

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by zinnia

these are always open normally but im promoing them now because stuff is taking too long to process 

info here

uhhhhhhhhhartfight + small updates

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by zinnia



im on team dream because i love aster but ill return friendly fires still bc who cares abt points. its art babey

in terms of updates uhhh. as always bios are a mess because i was redoing summaries but then randomly switched my writing style for them and then got hit with writing burnout so they're........ still a work in progress but when are they not lbr

ALSO ALSO. im gonna be busy next couple days and mostly lurking because i have stuff 2 Do and also. theres a dog in my house please be nice to her