before you continue!

i know these types of warnings are a bit redundant, sorry! i just want to make sure i absolutely am clear

  • do not favorite my characters to put them in a 'dreamies' folder thx
  • characters with any common triggers have warnings, but text is still spoilered/blacked out on their profiles
  • only characters in the ufs/uft folder are for sale or trade. literally do not ask for anyone else

folder summary

  • main: where verse-less main ocs go, and where folders for separate universes are
    • sonas: characters that are connected to me in some way
    • retired: old sonas and main characters are archived here
    • creativetitle: characters from a game a worked on from 2015 to 2017, but abandoned due to my health.
    • pokeaus: current ongoing headworld story, it's a pokemon au. though canon characters do play a significant part in the story, only ocs are there
      • minor: minor characters who don't have their own arc/are developing
      • actual pokemon: what it says on the tin. usually just placeholder uploads LOL
  • secondary: oc purgatory. characters who don't really have a story at all
    • sims: ocs that came to exist from my sims playthroughs
  • UFS/UFT: characters for sale or trade, usually specified
tag nav(sidenote,you can use more than one tag, so if you wanna see only adult humanoids, u can like totally do that)
characters okay to use in forum gamesBY BODY STYLE:FERALANTHROHUMANOID